Download Alpha Traffic Racer


This is an extremely fun racing game which will bring you long lost joy and passion!

Welcome to the world of speed and feel the speed of wind!

1. An exquisite racing game:

●Stunning 3D effect

●Use your super racing skill to avoid all obstacles

●Breakthrough control makes it easy and sensitive to control, applicable to players of all ages

●Various cars to choose

●Each car and its components can be customized according to personal likes

●Two game modes, single player mode and multiple player mode

●Four scenes to choose, city, village, snow and desert

●Four games modes, each has different rewards

●Totally Free

2. How to play

○Choose which mode to play, single player mode or multiple player

○Choose your favorite car

○Assemble suitable car parts

○Choose your favorite scene

○Select the race speed type

○Tap the accelerator button to speed up and the brake button will slow down

○Tap the nitrogen accelerator to power up and race like wind

○Tap the left or right button to change the channel, or tilt the screen

○Tap the Timer to activate the Bullet Time skill in crowded district and avoid all obstacles efficiently

New car outfit, build the attention of the car!

Intriguing game style, bring the players to the extreme pleasure! 

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