Download AVG Anti-Virus 17.7.3032 – AVG Free Edition is recommended as an antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows that can be downloaded for free and used by more than 500 million users worldwide.

In addition to having a paid version of Antivirus also provides a free version that we can use without having to spend our pockets, although when we use the free version does not mean we get a disappointing facility but enough qualified to keep our Laptop / Pc from virus or spyware attacks. so is the speed of handling security is good enough, also sparingly use ram & computer CPU.

AVG is an antivirus software that has a high level of maintainability. Can update itself as long as the Computer has a connection with the internet or by downloading the latest update on the AVG website. Update is available every day and is one of the advantages of this antivirus compared with some other antivirus.

Some types of protection include antivirus, resident shield, link scanner, license, identfy protection, anti rootkit, automatic virus removal, reporting programs threatened by spyware viruses, reporting virus-infected programs, tracking cookies in web browsers and programs, system security, and analysis of our computer or laptop embedded antivirus this. For the analysis of the computer we are given the option to adjust as we want to the security of a computer or laptop.

DeveloperAVG Technologies
Sistem OperasiWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10

32 bit

64 bit

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