Download Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.1.8 – Panda Cloud Cleaner is a simple and easy cloud-based malware detector designed to run alongside other security tools without conflict.

Panda Cloud Cleaner based on Collective Intelligence (in-the-cloud scanning) that can detect malware that is not detected by traditional antivirus. This tool detects and disinfects malware that sometimes enters through antivirus software.

It is therefore suitable for users without any kind of protection and users with antivirus protection installed.

Sometimes an antivirus just is not enough to protect your PC / Computer / Laptop from viruses, malware and Rogueware.

Especially for those who are always connected to the internet, other additional security applications are needed.

Panda Cloud Cleaner as an anti-malware offers solutions to detect and eliminate malware threats and the like that are sometimes not detected by regular antivirus.
This application works in the cloud that will monitor all threats from Peering panda server. When first run, this program will connect itself to the Panda server and directly scan the computer you use.

Later the detected file as a threat will be sent to the cloud server and will be analyzed. After the file is cleared, then the file will be sent back to your Computer / Laptop.
To disable Adware / FakeAV malware detected on your computer, you need to disinfect the computer with the Panda Cloud Disinfection Cleaner tool.

DeveloperPanda Security
Sistem OperasiWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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