Download TinyWall 2.1.8 – TinyWall is an application that emulates add-ons that provide firewall protection with facilities through configuration options that do not require constant popup or complicated settings.

TinyWall comes with a built-in rule which by default will block incoming or outgoing connections, in this case upload and download data. You can use the Whitelist app feature manually, which lets you use a study mode that will let all traffic run automatically.
The Firewall application also comes with the option to unblock all LAN traffic, which will restrict incoming and outgoing internet traffic according to your settings.

Other features include options to protect password settings, detect threatening intrusions, block all integrated malware, while except, IPv6 support, and more.
Unblock all local network traffic. This feature can be very useful if you have many communication applications at home or office network.

TinyWall has 5 Firewall protection modes:

  • Normal protection: Protecting the computer normally as Windows Firewall.
  • Block All: You can not use internet and laptop / computer can not access internet.
  • Allow Outgoing: The computer can only send data to the Internet, but the computer can not receive data from the internet to our computer.
  • Disable Firewall: Firewall will be shut down automatically.
  • AutoLearn: TinyWall will adjust security by itself.
DeveloperKároly Pados
Sistem OperasiWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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